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What is the reason for Piles?

It is a life style disorder, mainly irregular bowels resulting into constipation plus intake of liquids spicy food, less fibre in food and mainly Junk food, soft drinks

What is the reason for Fistula?

When Fissure is not attended, treated properly the resulting factor can be Fistula.

How many days it will take for the treatment of laser?

12 to 24 hrs

What is the reason for Fissure

Hard stools, straining for stools, constipation resulting into a small crack. Pausing of hard stools or dry stools frequently resulting into Fissure with acute pain and bleeding in drops.

What is Pilonidal Sinus?

This may be because of hair follicle infection resulting into a pin hole with discharges.

Why there is a constipation in individuals?

Hurry, Worry, Curry are the main reasons, less water intake , sleeplessness, less fibre in food.


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