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HAL IN PILES(Haemorrhoidal Artery Ligation)

If Piles (hemorrhoids) are detected at an early stage it could be treated effectively without having to do open painful surgery. Many advanced minimally invasive techniques are available today like stapler ( MIPH ) and ligation (DG HAL and HAL RAR) to provide permanent solution for piles with minimal discomfort, short hospital stay and quick recovery times.

What is a hemorrhoid (piles)?

Often they are known as "varicose veins of the anus and rectum,” hemorrhoids are enlarged, bulging blood vessels in and around the anus and lower rectum. The tissues supporting the vessels stretch. Because of that the vessels expand, the walls thin and bleeding occurs. When the stretching and pressure continue for long, the weakened vessels protrude. Thereare two varieties of hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids and internal hemorrhoids.

Causes of hemorrhoid:

Causes of piles are mostly constipation and excessive straining during bowel movement. There are several theories, including inadequate intake of fiber, and prolonged sitting on the toilet. Pregnancy is a cause of enlarged hemorrhoids.

Symptoms of Piles:

Piles are not serious and they go away on their own after a few days. The symptoms may depend upon the type, location, severity, and age of the patient. If you have Piles, you may experience the following symptoms.

  • Lump on the anus
  • Frequent urge to pass stools
  • Yellowish face, due to extensive bleeding
  • Pain & discomfort while defecating
  • Bright red blood after a bowel movement

Procedure for HAL - how exactly does it work?

The treatment for Piles is needed when they become Enlarged and cause discomfort and pain. There are different types of treatments to treat piles. The common methods of treatments are Injection Sclerotherapy, Banding, Ligation, Cauterization or Coagulation, and Surgery. Depending on the seriousness of the problem piles are graded into Grade I to Grade IV

Grade I requires only Medication. Grade II to IV need surgery. Surgical procedures are only for severe cases and when other treatments haven’t worked, or your Piles keep bleeding.

Cross section

HAL system:

The HAL method is suitable for treating II to IV grade haemorrhoids, and is extremely effective in addressing the symptoms of haemorrhoidal disease. A miniature ultrasound device is introduced into the anus under local anaesthesia. This allows the surgeon to locate exactly the supplying arteries of the haemorrhoids. Then the Surgeon ties off each artery by placing a stitch around it and knotting the ends, hence cutting the blood supply to the pile. This is called ligation (HAL).Around five and eight arteries will be found during the procedure. However, this number may vary from patient to patient, and will also depend on the severity of the haemorrhoids in each case.As a result, over the next few days and weeks the pile shrinks away and the symptoms disappear.

Benefits that Patients get at Laser piles India

This procedure takes less than 30 minutes and the patient can leave the hospital within 24 hours. This latest procedure has no cut, no wounds, completely painless.You can get back to your regular work in less than a day.

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